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News, opinions and reviews of recent events ...

Panasonic Developed the First IPS Panel with a Contrast Factor Exceeding 1 000 000:1

Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co has developed a new IPS panel model with an incredibly high contrast factor exceeding 1 000 000:1. Advanced light modulation cells provide strict control over each pixel lighting. Modern IPS panels are a perfect base for professional video monitors with a high dynamic range (HDR).

The 24-inch Philips 240B7QP Monitor with the PowerSensor Technology

Philips has released its new monitor – 240B7QP – in two versions, Philips 240B7QPJEB and Philips 240B7QPTEB. Due to the PowerSensor technology, this device automatically adjusts brightness down and saves energy, when there is no user in front of it. The LowBlue mode diminishes blue light radiation, and Philips Flicker-free regulates brightness and removes blinking.

Replace Your Standard Lightbulb with a LED Bulb Speaker and Relax

If you are a fan of extraordinary things, then you should try to replace at least one standard bulb in your house or flat with a Sony LED Bulb Speaker. Due to its simple and modern design this entirely wireless speaker fits any interior. It gives a wonderful opportunity to listen to favorite music without using cables, batteries or even charging.

Samsung Patented a Circular-shaped Drone

Regarding new Samsung Company patents, South Korean engineers are developing their own drone. Images, included in this patent, give us a hint about the outward appearance of this device. Samsung has already released a fair amount of gadgets, but it apparently isn’t going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

Toshiba Intros Small-Sized TLP Photocell Relays

Toshiba Electronics Europe gets a move on introducing a pair of halogen-free photocell relays, codenamed TLP172AM & TLP172GM. The models are characterized by the guaranteed insulation voltage index of 3750 V. Both items are housed in SO6 cases with 4 outputs, ready to secure operation on extremely high temperatures (up to 110 C degrees).